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Featured Photographer

Business Images at Niagara Pallet

Ken Dunlop Photography was asked to shoot the Business images for the Managers at Niagara Pallet & Recyclers.  We have done other work for this company in the past and Fred is so enjoyable to work with. Business Images and Back Drops The first concern was finding an interesting backdrop at a company that is […]

Fort Erie

  We spent the past couple of weeks exploring Fort Erie down near the lake. If you are looking for a wonderful area to go there certainly is the place.  I have been longing to get back out to shoot more water, sky and the sun with the various Long Exposure filters I have in my […]

Niagara Pallet and Recyclers

Fred the owner of Niagara Pallet and Recyclers approached Ken Dunlop Photography to see if we could do a promotional photo of their Hino Brand truck for an upcoming Calendar being put out from Hino.  We are always up for a challenge so we got to work on a few ideas for the shoot.  We […]

Photographer of the Month for September

Lee Newman has been selected as the Photographer of the Month for September. I first introduced to Underwater Photography at the tender age of 16 from an avid diver and photographer from Toronto.  Lee always reminded me of him. Lee would come into the dive centre for air fills, and while he waited I would […]

Long Exposure Captures

The past couple of weeks, we have been out shooting a bunch of Long Exposure Captures.  I am normally a sucker for waterfalls, but two weeks ago, I was chatting with Becca, from Runawayprop, and we decided we would head up to Tobermory and see what kind of sunrise and sunset Long Exposure Captures we […]

Featured Photographer

Featured Photographer of the Month

I decided it would nice to select a “Featured Photographer of the Month” in order to help showcase various artists I have had the pleasure of viewing on various other websites.  One of the Photographers I always come back to see is Gina Roa-Pidlaoan.  I first had the pleasure of viewing her images on the […]

Waterfalls Photowalk

What a fantastic day today turned into.  We headed out this morning at 4:00 amfor a sunrise shoot up in Hamilton, Ontario and afterwards, we were headed out for a Waterfalls Photowalk in and around Hamilton. Waterfalls Photowalk After doing some research (thank you Becca), we decided to visit Mill Falls, Sherman Falls and then Tiffany […]

Philippines 2016

June was the month for the Philippines 2016 photography trip to Negros Occidental in the Philippines and as always we were not disappointed.  I was very excited for a couple of reasons, but this is the first time a family member was able to come along to see the fantastic sights I get to see […]


The other day I found myself bored with the limited content on NetFlix here in Canada, so I went to my next favourite place Youtube, and all the fantastic tutorials and how too’s for photography and various editing programmes such as Lightroom and Photoshop.  A few years back, I would have been solely into using […]