Winters Last Big Blow

Winters Last Big Blow - Port Dalhousie Lighthouse

Winters Last Big Blow – Port Dalhousie Lighthouse

It’s a cold snowy Sunday and it would appear it’s Winters last big blow.  The snow started Saturday Night, and this morning it was below freezing windy and lots of ice.  So that means it’s time to head to Lake Ontario to see what winters last big blow had to show us.

Port Dalhousie

I saw a couple of beautiful images at my nieces place of a Lighthouse in Port Dalhousie, so I went exploring to find it.  Sure enough there was not just one but two.  The first on was pretty easy to get to in order to shoot.  I decided to use a 1 – 8 ND filter, but with a 30 sec exposure and the high winds I was not able to get a sharp image because the tripod had a shake.  So, I ended up switching to a Circular Polarizer and shooting a few higher shutter speed images.

The second lighthouse was much further away and I was shooting with my

Winters Last Big Blow - All iced up

Winters Last Big Blow – All iced up

105mm in a crops sensor, but from the distance the lighthouse was far to small to be of my interest so I will have to head back with the water is not so rough and the wind so high.  Think there will be a few more visits back to the site to ensure I can get as many great shots as possible.

If you get a chance be sure to stop by and see what the Winters Last Big Blow did to Port Dalhousie!!

Winters Last Big Blow

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