Waterfalls Photowalk

What a fantastic day today turned into.  We headed out this morning at 4:00 amfor a sunrise shoot up in Hamilton, Ontario and afterwards, we were headed out for a Waterfalls Photowalk in and around Hamilton.

Waterfalls Photowalk

After doing some research (thank you Becca), we decided to visit Mill Falls, Sherman Falls and then Tiffany Falls.  All three waterfalls are within a 5-minute drive of one another, so it made for a nice selection, and with being so early in the morning (7:00am) there was hardly another soul around.  We were coming from the Niagara Falls area, so we headed down the QEW, to the 403 West Hamilton/Brantford and ended up taking Mohawk Road/Rosseaux Road exit.  All of the waterfalls were easily found, we will be sure to include a link to the maps with directions to make it to the waterfalls.

Mill Falls

The Mill Falls is found behind the Ancaster Old Mill, and it is a beautiful two tier waterfalls.  There is ample of parking in the area, and the path we took was not even 5 minutes from where we left the car.  I spent about 60 minutes shooting the Lower Old Mills Falls, which I feel is the better of the two waterfalls since you have the beautiful natural beauty of the trees, and all of the fabulous rocks in the creek bed, and on the other side of the falls is the lovely thick limestone foundation of the old mill.

Since I was shooting in the early morning light, I was on a tripod, with a wifi remote for my shutter.  I was using a Circular Polarizing Filter in order to take some of the glare off the water.  I brought along my trusty Ten Stop ND Filter, but since most of the shots were in the 8 to 15 sec time frame, using the 10 stop filter would have me shooting around 1 – 2 hour of shutter release time.  Though I would have loved to see how that would look, I was happy with the blur without the ND Filter.

Sherman Falls

The second waterfalls we visited was Sherman Falls, in my opinion, was the nicest of the three waterfalls from today.  The falls is a height of 55.76 ft or 17 metres. The walk from where we parked on the side of the road was beautiful, filled with the classic forest floor, with large rocks and stone along the pathway, and the beautiful wooden bridge that crossed the creek.

Sherman falls is a simple waterfall to shoot.  With an almost Symmetrical appearance, we found it easy to compose what I feel were some beautiful images of the waterfall.  Once again my camera setup was the same, and though I wanted to use my 10 Stop ND filter, once again it was not needed.

Tiffany Falls

The Tiffany Waterfalls is easily located just off Wilson St E at a little pull off on the right-hand side of the road.  There is limited parking so I would be there early in the day before all of the people show up.  There is a parking metre there and it costs $2.00 an hour with all day parking costing $10.00.

The walk to the falls is a few minutes it’s really nothing all that strenuous, the water level was low for us today, so it was really not that spectacular but I think a visit in the falls after some rains and the leaves have started to change, and this area would be amazing!  There is an observation deck and signs asking you to remain on the pathway for your safety.  Always follow the strictest safety precautions anytime you are near or around water especially if it is fast moving.  As you see our images you will know that we have left the trail, but that is our decision, and we know what we are comfortable in handling.

Waterfalls Photowalk

It’s important to remember that many of these waterfalls are on Private Property, there are no signs of prohibiting trespassing, but please always be respectful and discreet.  Be sure to pick up after yourself.  When I was working as a Course Director for PADI, out motto was take only pictures and leave only bubbles.  You can get the idea of what I am trying to say.

If you are interested in joining use for our next Waterfalls Photowalk, please let us know at info@kendunlop.com 

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