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Featured Photographer

Featured Photographer of the Month

I decided it would nice to select a “Featured Photographer of the Month” in order to help showcase various artists I have had the pleasure of viewing on various other websites.  One of the Photographers I always come back to see is Gina Roa-Pidlaoan.  I first had the pleasure of viewing her images on the […]

Street Photography

Here in Bacolod City there is such a huge opportunity for street photography, from shooting the Jeepney’s or shooting the various food stands and street people who find their life clawing and digging for the next meal or next Peso. I have spent many many hours, from early in the morning to late in the […]

Studio Lighting

While living in Vancouver I had an opportunity to do a Studio Lighting shoot with some models.  What a blast, my favourite model was Grace, here is a picture of her that was taken that day.  If you like it there are a couple more on my studio page. Grace was fantastic to work with, […]