Swayze Falls

Swayze Falls - Upper Falls

Swayze Falls – Upper Falls

We were out on Thursday looking for a great place to shoot more of the amazing Autumn colours found here in Southern Ontario, and we decided to give Swayze Falls a visit and boy were we happy we did so.

Getting to Swayze Falls

We found this little gem listed on a website called Nature Notes.  This website has a page dedicated to Ontario Waterfalls, and since returning to Ontario from living abroad, I have decided I want to try to shoot the waterfalls they have listed on the site.  I have made it so far to the easy ones like Niagara Falls, but it’s time to get of the main road and break out the hiking boots and soon to be snowshoes and shoot some of the more in my opinion picturesques waterfalls Ontario has to offer.

Getting to Swayze falls is really pretty east.  Though the directions on the Nature

Swayze Falls - Lower Falls

Swayze Falls – Lower Falls

Notes website are not as good as they could be.  Getting to Swayze Falls is pretty easy.  You want to take the St David’s road exit off HWY 406, and and head to the second stop light right near Brock University where you will turn left on Merrittville Hwy.  Take Merrittville Hwy till you get to Decew Road and turn right as if you are going to the MorningStar Mill mentioned in the previous post.  Continue on Decew Road until you reach Pelham Road where you will turn left.  Follow Pelham Road until you reach Effingham Road where you will want to turn left again, and keep on this until you reach Roland road.  About 5 minutes down Roland you will see a parking lot on the left hand side of the road for Short Hills Provincial Park, pull in and park.  Follow the yellow trail markers until you cross the bridge.  You will start to see blue trail markers to the right and you are there.  Follow those for a few minute and slowly make your way down to the river which is on the right hand side.  Careful there are some steep banks which take you down to the river.  Becca and I worked our way down the steep banks, but if we had remained on the trail we would have been to the lower falls without the danger of falling in the ravine.  You will need to follow the stream back up to the large of the falls.  It is easily about a 30 minute hike in.

Swayze Falls - Short Hill Provincial Park

Swayze Falls – Short Hill Provincial Park

Shooting Swayze Falls

I was shooting today with my Canon 7D Mkii with a Sigma 10 – 20 mm lens, I was also using a Circular Polarized Filter, to help deepen in the sky and take the glare off the water.  We were luck as it was about 14:30 in the day, but it was overcast with some hints of sun light so we were able to slow the shutter speed down enough to get a good blur on the waterfalls and fast moving water which I like a lot on for these styles of pictures.  Most of the shots I left the ISO at 100 since I

Swayze Falls - Becca setting up her shot

Swayze Falls – Becca setting up her shot

was on a tripod and using my remote to ensure there was no camera shake.

I would recommend you bring a walking stick as it will help a little on the uneven ground, and of course I had a change of clothes in case I got closer to the water then what I had intended.  If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email.

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