Seasons are Changing

Seasons Are Changing - Lyons Creek Niagara Falls

Seasons Are Changing – Lyons Creek Niagara Falls

It’s finally started to happen, the Seasons are Changing here in the Niagara Region.  I have been dreading the day I wake, and the morning air is cool and crisp, the once vided green leaves start their turn to vibrant reds and oranges, this mean only one thing, the Seasons are Changing and winter is around the corner

Seasons are Changing, Leaves are Falling

It’s been almost 8 years since I have been present for a change of season.  On the west coast there is an autumn, but not one so pronounced that I would hear the song Seasons in the Sun playing in my distant memory.  Out west, the sun starts to stay lower in the sky, the rains come, and one figures it’s winter already as it rains there from late Sept until May.  Though the scenery is beautiful, I can not figure how the suicide rate is not crazy high with the dull drizzle you experience for months on end.  However, here in the east, The Seasons are Changing.  I forgot how beautiful the leaves look when the reds start to come out.  I feel badly since I have been wrapped up with work, I have all but missed an opportunity to enjoy a few days out shooting with still so many leaves on the trees.

The Niagara Region

Seasons are Changing - Train Bridge Lyons Creek Niagara Falls

Seasons are Changing – Train Bridge Lyons Creek Niagara Falls

I have been out the past two Sundays shooting some areas still with leaves on some of the trees, trying to capture the Seasons are Changing pictures, that make the waters that much more beautiful with the reflections of trees filled with the beautiful colored leaves.  Next year, I will have to make it to the Northern areas of Ontario to shoot more Fall pictures, and enjoy the Change of Seasons more closely!

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