The other day I found myself bored with the limited content on NetFlix here in Canada, so I went to my next favourite place Youtube, and all the fantastic tutorials and how too’s for photography and various editing programmes such as Lightroom and Photoshop.  A few years back, I would have been solely into using Photoshop, but of late I have been using Lightroom.  Until I ran across Phlearn Dot Com.  I can’t seem to get enough of Aaron’s tutorials.

Phlearn Dot Com

Phlearn has over 450 free online tutorials for Photoshop, Lightroom, Photography and various other items.  I find Aaron very entertaining and of course most importantly very knowledgeable.  One particular tutorial I found very helpful was “How to Make Light Rays through Clouds in Photoshop.

Arron simply has a way of easily explaining how to do things in Photoshop, and to prove this, I headed out the other day to shoot a few images, in an attempt to find one I could try out this technical.  The weather the other day was not overly agreeable with it being a solid overcast with rain and high winds for most of the day.   We headed out around 5 pm and went down to Lake Ontario to see if we would have any luck with some glimpses of the setting sun and for me my favourite a longer exposure to capture the movement of water.

Back in Photoshop

Phlearn - Sunrays Before

Phlearn – Sun Rays Before

Back at the house, excited to upload and see what luck I had, I feel this was the best image of the night.  There was only a fleeting moment where the sky opened enough so I could say the sun was possibly there.  Which Aaron explains in the tutorial.

Phlearn - Sun Rays After

Phlearn – Sun Rays After

Once I completed what I feel was needed for colour correction, and various other quick touch ups, I started into the watching the tutorial and following along in photoshop.  Aarons explanation and guidance made it easy to complete the tasks needed to add sun rays to the image.  This really only took a few minutes to add to the image, though I figure it would be prudent to take your time, and make sure everything blends in perfectly.  Please feel free take a look at the before and after of my images, and let me know what you think in the comments box below.

Take a few minutes and head to Phlearn and check out Aarons content, as well as his Pro Tutorials.   I plan on signing up for a couple of his batch tutorials, and I don;t think you can ever know too much.  Thank you, Aaron, for the great tutorials and the guidance.




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