Philippines 2016

Philippines 2016 - Night Market

Philippines 2016 – Night Market

June was the month for the Philippines 2016 photography trip to Negros Occidental in the Philippines and as always we were not disappointed.  I was very excited for a couple of reasons, but this is the first time a family member was able to come along to see the fantastic sights I get to see on my Southeast Asia trips.  Becca is my first family member to meet my wife Michelle.

Philippines 2016

We flew on Eva Airlines, and I have to say they did a great job getting us to The

Philippines 2016 - Pata-an

Philippines 2016 – Pata-an

Philippines safe and sound.  The airline is so organised, and all the staff very friendly and helpful!

After recouping from the 23-hour trip, our first venture we headed down to some of the Night Markets and street food BBQ’s which are fantastic to search through and find awesome delicious such as Bbq Pork, Chicken, Fish, Intestines.  There are excellent opportunities for street photography, and since it is later in the evening some fantastic night shots as well.

After our street photography day, we headed off to two of our favourite landscape opportunities.  We headed to Mambukal Falls and Pata-an to enjoy fantastic landscape and waterfalls.

Dumaguete, Negros Oriental

Philippines 2016 - 10 Stop ND Filter

Philippines 2016 – 10 Stop ND Filter

From there we headed to the Kookoo’s Nest Resort near Dumaguete and worked on various Long Exposure sunset shots overlooking the Philippines Sea, working with a 10 stop ND Filter,  The 10 Stop filter does a fantastic job on the ocean and skies.  We learned the importance of a sturdy tripod and having a 3 stop ND graduated filter for darkening down the skies because even if you are using a 10 stop, ND Filter, your skies will still be over exposed.

Philippines 2016 was a fantastic trip!  Check back and see where our 2017 trip will be headed too.  Book early as it will be fantastic as always!!

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