Niagara Falls

USA Falls, Niagara Falls

USA Falls, Niagara Falls

Well, I find myself back in my old stomping grounds from when I was a kid, though it’s been years since I have lived in the area of Niagara Falls.  Sure enough, as soon as my feet hit the ground I was off to shoot some of the sights, and who can pass up a chance to shoot NIagara Falls itself!

I have to be honest, I am pretty sure I have never spent time down near the Falls shooting pictures.  I headed out early with my great niece Becca, and was lucky enough to get a couple of pictures I was happy with.  I am looking forward to heading out and catching some of the old buildings from the farmland around the area.

The other thing I was able to do was set up a home studio, and tonight I finally

Alyssa - Niagara Falls

Alyssa – Niagara Falls

put it to the test with Alyssa, my other great niece, and this was her first opportunity as a model, and she did a fantastic job in the studio.  There were some growing pains getting everything in the right position, but I think we worked out the kinks.

Well, it looks like Niagara Falls will be home for the foreseeable future.  Oh how I miss the Philippines, but I hope I am back in the land of Photography workshops!!


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