MorningStar Mill

We were down at the Morning Star Mill at Decew Falls on the weekend, enjoying the beautiful autumn colours.  I have been wanting to shoot this area since I returned to Canada.  I spent some researching various sites with Waterfalls to shoot, and DQ Falls is on the top of the list.  I was able to obtain some excellent information at a website call Ontfin.

History of the MorningStar Mill

MorningStar Mill - Waterfalls and Mill House

MorningStar Mill – Waterfalls and Mill House

Morningstar Mill is a small, rural industrial area of St Catharines.  It features a Mill that is in operation originally built in 1872, there is a turbine shed, sawmill and blacksmith shop.

The mill is open for tours during various times of the year beginning on Victoria Day and through Thanksgiving weekend.  Times can be found on the Morningstar Mill website.  This area is one of fond memories for me.  It is was not often that I would be allowed to go here, but on occasion as I child my parents would bring me down.  I always fascinated with the water I suppose, made it a favourite place for me to enjoy.

Where to Shoot at MorningStar Mill

MorningStar Mill - Reflections of the Past

MorningStar Mill – Reflections of the Past

Obviously you can see the minute you arrive in the parking lot there are many many great angles for different shots, the best being from right out in front with a later afternoon sun where you can get some excellent reflections on a calm day.  One can also hike down to the Lower Decew Falls, where I have yet to make it with the camera, but it is a place you can get some excellent waterfalls pictures.  I would suggest possibly using an app for your phone such as Sun Surveyor so you can know where the sun is to set, as well as when gold hour is so you can be there, in place ready to shoot when the light is right.

If you have any questions about the MorningStar Mill by all means send me an email and I will do my best to get you on the right track.

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