Long Exposure Captures

The past couple of weeks, we have been out shooting a bunch of Long Exposure Captures.  I am normally a sucker for waterfalls, but two weeks ago, I was chatting with Becca, from Runawayprop, and we decided we would head up to Tobermory and see what kind of sunrise and sunset Long Exposure Captures we could find.  Becca is shooting with a Nikon mirrorless, and she also had with her a Canon T3I.  I as you know was shooting with my trusted Canon 7D Mkii and the sigma 10 – 20 mm lens.

Long Exposure Captures – Tobermory

Long Exposure Captures - Lands End

Long Exposure Captures – Lands End

We headed off to Tobermory around 10 am on Saturday morning, with the intention really of getting there for around dinner.  Scope out the place, and then find a good place to shoot some sunset Long Exposures from.  Everything was working to plan, we arrived at the Canada Parks information kiosk around 16:30 ish, with the plan of getting information where we needed to be in order to hike into The Grotto the following morning for some sunrise pictures.  I accidentally let it slip, that we intended on Boondocking, which was a big mistake as we had it explained that was not going to be acceptable.  Opps, my bad!!

Once we were finished there, we made a quick stop at an outfitter store, to grab some walking sticks and Bear Bells, which if you have ever done this sort of thing, you will know how important both items are for a say and comfortable journey.   We grabbed a quick bite to eat at the Crows Nest, a fabulous little pub right down at the Marina. The food was great and the staff very friendly and helpful!

Long Exposure Captures - Sunset Tobermory

Long Exposure Captures – Sunset Tobermory

From there we headed off to try to find a good spot to shoot from which at first was more difficult than I figured it would be.  There are houses and cottages that ring the cliffs and bluffs overlooking Lake Huron.  We found a place to the east of the Harbour, but ended up shifting just after sunset to a lovely area right near the lighthouse on the western side of the harbour that had some fantastic foreshore, and then the beautiful orange skies left over from the setting sun!

Bruce Peninsula – The Grotto

We found a fantastic place to Boondock that was quiet and out-of-the-way.  We set our alarms for 4 am, so we had plenty of time to get everything together, and drive over to parking lot 1 near Cyprus Lake, which was the trail head to the hike for The Grotto.

Long Exposure Captures - Sunrise @ The Grotto

Long Exposure Captures – Sunrise @ The Grotto

The hike only takes about 30 minutes and we were on the trail by 5 am and sunrise was something like 6:17 am so we had plenty of time to do the hike, and get in position for sunrise photos.  Once we arrived at the Grotto, the scene in front of us was breathtaking, the beautiful clear waters of Lake Huron, with the rugged cliffs overhanging the water.  There are few words to describe what lay before us.

If you are interested in more information about this trip, there is another story at RunAwayProp, or you can email me at info@kendunlop.com.  Please be sure to check out the fantastic Long Exposure Captures we got that weekend!!

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