La Grande Hermine

La Grande Hermine

La Grande Hermine

Every time I have a few moments and I want to run out and shoot some images I think of driving down to St Catharines so I can shoot the La Grande Hermine, otherwise known as “The Big Weasel” which is located just west of St Catharines at the exit for the town of Jordan.

La Grande Hermine

After doing some research it would appear that La Grande Hermine is a replica of one of the 3 ships that Jacques Cartier used to explore the St Lawrence river way way back in 1535.  I can remember learning about Jacque back in grade school history class.

She is measuring a length of 140 ft or 42.6 metres.  She was constructed in 1914 in Quebec and began life as a ferry on the St. Lawrence and later became a cargo ship and then a floating restaurant.  In 1991 that she was converted into a replica ship.

She Arrived in Jordan Harbour

Not until 1997 did La Grande Hermine find her way to Jordan Harbour where she

Joran Harbour - La Grande Hermine

Joran Harbour – La Grande Hermine

was once again going to used as a floating restaurant or gambling establishment by a local businessman.  Sadly due to a lack of funds and his passing his dreams never came to completion.

In 2003, the ship was a victim of arson, but lucky did not burn to the water line, and the smoke and fire damage actual adds to the artistic appeal for photographies.  If you are a photographer and want to shoot this girl, make your way down to Jordan Harbour, and try your luck with her.  If you check out my gallery, you will see I have had many run ins with the lady, who has become a part of my heart.

Ken Dunlop have prints of the lady for sale, if you are interested be sure to drop us a line at  Be sure to stop by and see our gallery Ships, Tall Ships, Boats and all things that Float  and comment on the images La Grande Hermine.



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