Fort Erie

Fort Erie - The Beach on the Friendship Traile

Fort Erie – The Beach on the Friendship Traile


We spent the past couple of weeks exploring Fort Erie down near the lake. If you are looking for a wonderful area to go there certainly is the place.  I have been longing to get back out to shoot more water, sky and the sun with the various Long Exposure filters I have in my camera bag.

Fort Erie

We decided to head down the QEW directly to exit 2 on the QEW and make our way to the base of the Peace Bridge.  I have in the past turned right and followed the Niagara Parkway towards Lake Ontario, but this time we ventured to the left and towards Lake Erie.  There is Fort Erie to your right and Lake Erie to the left.  If you remain on the coastal road it will end at a small parking lot where you can gain access to the Friendship Trail, which as I just discovered runs from Fort Erie all the way through to Port Colborne, another of my favourite areas to visit.

Fort Erie - Rocky shores of Lake Erie

Fort Erie – Rocky shores of Lake Erie

There are so many fantastic compositions for the avid photographer.  I personally love shooting water, waves and sunsets.  So this is a fantastic area to visit.  There are some fabulous rocky areas, and not too far from the parking lot, there is a beautiful sand beach with a lovely rock wall leading off into the lake.  Yesterday’s visit was so windy, we had some great rolling waves coming into the beach.  We were not there at the best time.  We were midday, the skies very overcast, and we did not have a vast amount of time to sit in one place and shoot images until everything was perfect.  However, it was a great time to be out enjoying the mild temperatures.

Niagara Parkway

Fort Erie - Windy beach - Friendship Trail

Fort Erie – Windy beach – Friendship Trail

After you visit the Friendship Trail, I recommend you head back towards the Peace Bridge and travel along the Niagara Parkway.  There are many beautiful picture opportunities along here.  Plus, there are some amazing homes on the left-hand side of the road.  The Parkway will take you through a quaint little town called Chippewa, where there are some nice local restaurants and the views of the Niagara River.

If you would like more detailed information about Fort Erie, or where to go for some excellent photo opportunities, please do not hesitate to let me know.


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