Business Images at Niagara Pallet

Business Images

Business Images – Niagara Pallet

Ken Dunlop Photography was asked to shoot the Business images for the Managers at Niagara Pallet & Recyclers.  We have done other work for this company in the past and Fred is so enjoyable to work with.

Business Images and Back Drops

The first concern was finding an interesting backdrop at a company that is chaotic at the best of times.  We decided to use stacks of pallets in the background and we shot at an f1.8 to help blur it out so it’s not overly distracting but still enough definite to make it interesting.

We arrived at the yard for approximately 6:30 and quickly went to work finding the perfect location.  Once we worked out the location we had to get electricity to the area for my flash heads.  I took about 5 – 8 practice shots for the proper exposure and I had the first of 8 people on the mark for their three different poses.

Business Images

Business Images – Niagara Pallet

Business Images are pretty easy to shoot in my opinion.  For the simple fact, the images need to be shot well, properly exposed but professional.  You are not shooting a glamour shot, but a professionally shot image for a company.  Sometimes the most difficult part is, you need please everyone obviously, but the person who makes the decision is the manager or owner of the company and in the end, that is the one person who needs to be happy since they are the ones that decide in the end.

After the shoot, there were another few hours of “post” in Lightroom and Photoshop.  Creativity is great for photography, but when shooting Business Images, you can not be overly creative so all I did was do a little touch-up here and there, skin colour and a little brush work on the Exposure layer found in Photoshop.   The one image on the Niagara Pallet page that is not mine is the one of Dirk.  In my opinion and not in a derogatory way you can see how the image seems flat.  This image is most like direct out of the camera and 15 minutes in post would make a big difference.

If you need Business Images shot let me know I would be happy to send you a quote.

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