Arlo Guthrie

Shot with Canon 7D, Sigma 105mm Macro

Shot with Canon 7D, Sigma 105mm Macro

One of my favorite forms of photography is street photography, and I mean real Street Photography.  The kind of shots where there is no posing, and you have to be ready or the shot will be missed.  Well, here is Arlo Guthrie or at least his look a like, well what I imagined he looked like.

Rene and I were downtown in Vancouver BC, on the lower east side on Hastings Street.  Anyone that has been done there will know its a target rich area for some amazing shots.  It’s tough, because people will become quite belligerent I mean after all it is Vancouver.

Arlo, he was pretty chilled and allowed me to shoot a couple of shots.  This was taken with the Canon 7D and the 105mm Macro Lens.

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