Port Colborne

Port Colborne - Becca and a Laker on the Welland Canal

Port Colborne – Becca and a Laker on the Welland Canal

Since moving back to Ontario, I have found it a little challenging to keep up with shooting images in the area.  I have living in places such as British Columbia and Bacolod Philippines, with scenery like none other.  So, the past month has been spent concentrating on finding places I can go to shoot images here in the Niagara Region.  Port Colborne has not let me down.  The town I use to go and play hockey in as a kid, has proven to have some fantastic areas to shoot in.

Port Colborne – Robinhood Plant

The Robinhood Plant in Port Colborne is one area where you can find some amazing places to shoot images.  I brought my great niece with me on a couple of occasions and she was nice enough to model for me and she did a fantastic job!  The Robinhood plant is not abandoned so care must be taken in getting shots so you are not hurt by any of the many Tractor Trailers that were running back and forth there.

Welland Canal

Another target rich area is the Welland Canal, with the numerous lakers that run

Port Colborne - Laker on the Welland Canal

Port Colborne – Laker on the Welland Canal

the canal there are great opportunities to shoot various ship images. Having served in the Canadian Navy for twenty years I am always excited to be around ships no matter which ones so it’s a treat for me.  There is one shipyard there that would be fantastic to get access to, though I think I will not be granted permission as this area seems to be the land of “No” which I am working on a photo essay of, so stay tuned to see that come out sometime soon I hope!

During the months exploration we also made it down to an area around Jordan where we found a fantastic old tall ship that was resting on the bottom of Lake Ontario wrecked for sure, but some awesome photo opportunities for sure.

Robinhood Flour by sea - Port Colborne

Robinhood Flour by sea – Port Colborne

Port Colborne also has a beautiful area with some little Bistros and nice other touristy shops along the canal.  We had a lunch there one day, and it was fantastic so take some time and go exploring the area, I don’t think you will be disappointed for sure!!

Be sure to check out the new images in the Gallery for the Area.

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