Niagara Parkway

Shooting on the Niagara Parkway with Ken Dunlop Photography

Service Vehicle - Niagara Parkway

Service Vehicle – Niagara Parkway

We were out last night in the beautiful late evening light shooting some images along the Niagara Parkway.  I have been watching many videos published by Jason Lanier, and I find him most inspiring when it comes to photography.  While out last night, I was trying to shoot utilizing some of his recommendations.  Now I have always shot RAW, and I am in Manual mode, but I have always been set to custom white balance, while he was recommending to use Kelvin, so Kelvin it was.  I was most intrigued one how much control I have for the hue of my pictures while still in the camera. I have to say, I totally forgot that I was on Kelvin a couple of times, and had to take two or three pictures until I found a balance that was pleasing to my eye but it was great!

The next thing I was trying to do is stay off the Tripod.  Now, when I shoot water,

Hydro Electric Plant - Niagara Parkway

Hydro Electric Plant – Niagara Parkway

I seem to always lean to the tripod, and an ND filter to turn the water to the cloudy wispy constancy, but last night I dialed it down, and bumped up the ISO and went to town. I have to say, a steep learning curve, but something that was well worth my time.  I did however find it difficult to get away from the tripod, and though I finally did, I was missing it a little.

Anyways, here are some of the images I shot, inspired from Jason Lanier, who says, “you only have one chance to get it right, so get out there and shoot!” There is so much to enjoy and shoot out and around the Niagara Parkway, I hope to see you out there too.

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